Disabled Access

Special Access


Autoslide’s automatic sliding door systems are the best solution for automating patio doors, pocket doors and barn style doors to increase accessibility. We take pride in helping people with disabilities gain better access to otherwise inaccessible areas.

Autoslide improves access for the elderly and the disabled. This technology creates easy access between your home and the outside world as well as room to room connections inside your home that use sliding doors.

Choose from either the Autoslide system, a compact system designed to open a single-panel door, or the MultiDrive system. MultiDrive is the newest system from Autoslide. It is designed to automate both multi-panel doors or single-panel sliding door systems. Both systems offer a wide variety of activation options at an affordable price.

Autoslide’s most popular automation option for creating an accessible sliding door is the Mobility Kit. This kit includes the Autoslide system and provides everything you need to convert your manual sliding door into an automatic sliding door. In addition, you get two wall mounted push buttons and two remote-control key fobs. These key fobs allow for easy activation of your new Autoslide enabled sliding door.

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For some people who find it too hard or not possible to use the remote-control key fob, we offer a specialized sensor system.

Our RFID proximity tags allow you to passively activate the Autoslide to open the door once the tag is in range of the transmitter. These tags can be adjusted from three feet to ten feet in range. Simply have the tag on your person and you have a hands-free automatic sliding door.

Wall-Mounted Button

The Autoslide system is activated by pressing a wall-mounted, wireless push button which comes in the standard Autoslide kit. Sensors are available as an option too.

Sensors (Optional)

Autoslide’s optional sensors activate the Autoslide system, making your sliding doors open automatically.

With a sensor, there is no need to press a button to open your sliding door.

Our specifically developed state-of-the-art infrared laser sensors help prevent the closing of your doors on persons or objects in the area of the door when closing.